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Team Fundraising Goal: $100,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 84
Total Value of Gifts: $4,186.00

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The devastating earthquake in Haiti, which has left hundreds of thousands of people dead or missing, has energized many to help aid in the relief efforts. The current situation is dire and is going to get worse before it gets better as Haiti is one of the most impoverished countries in the world with an inadequate infrastructure to support the rebuilding. Relief agencies are asking for money to purchase immediate needs, such as water, food, shelter and medical supplies.

Because we at Digg and Revision3 are incredibly saddened and distressed by the conditions in Haiti, we have created a fund where 100% of the money donated will go directly to relief efforts.
We're starting the ball rolling with $1000 and ask that you give anything you can. Collectively, our community can make a difference.

Donation suggestions: give up your daily coffee purchases for a week, bring a bag lunch instead of going out, give a dollar for every hour you spend online this week, skip the bottled water. Donate the money instead and help us make a difference when it's needed most.

Thanks from all of us at Digg and Revision3 for helping to bring hope back to the people of Haiti.

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Fri, Feb 20, 2015

Wed, Dec 07, 2011
I believe we must at least make sure the organisation behind is using most of the money wisely

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Wed, Dec 07, 2011
Can we guarantee that the money will arrive to the people who need it??

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:'( Digg
Tue, Nov 02, 2010
Donating is for better websites like reddit

Wed, Mar 03, 2010

Mon, Mar 01, 2010

Sun, Feb 28, 2010
btw I'm not gay.

Sun, Feb 28, 2010
And I like http://reddit.com and Digg equally. *hugs http://reddit.com and Digg*

Sun, Feb 28, 2010
I didn't donate shit. I'm just really high right now.

Sun, Feb 28, 2010
C'mon, Digg. We can do better!

Mon, Feb 22, 2010
Haiti is in such need and it's wonderful to see so many coming together and bringing help to Haiti. I found matching Haiti donation, so you can double your donation for Haiti. http://reiserrelief.com/. They have water trucks bring water to various places.

Fri, Feb 19, 2010
Lol. This page is a cobweb. So much for the philanthropy of diggers. You guys suck.

Fri, Feb 12, 2010
dear sir,
wish you.i expect some donate for child protection and other social services.please donate yours like.my mail vijayanmuthu@ymail.com
accountno:sb.30367541723 statebank of india.branch:bypassroad,madurai,tamilnadu,india.

Postcard Piggy to Jason and no Credit Card people.
Tue, Feb 02, 2010
PayPal is what I am advocating the use of with the multitude of philanthropists concept. What other way to get thousands of givers organised? Digg has raised $5K with 78 donors. What if each donor could raise $5K?! This latest call to the people for help is a lesson to us all that the system needs to be re-viewed and broken up into a million pieces. Imagine 1Million family run charities. Leave a comment on what you think about fractal giving entities.

Fri, Jan 29, 2010
Seeing digg's miserable total makes me happy to be a redditor.
reddit Team Fundraising Goal: $185,229.69
reddit Total Number of Gifts: 3573
reddit Total Value of Gifts: $172,342.11
digg is currently at <$5K. reddit will be sending far more than that to wikileaks. c'mon diggers! Your reputation is at stake! Are you nothing but a community of self obsessed 14 year olds like everyone says?

Costa Rica Outward Bound
Thu, Jan 28, 2010
What a great way to help out by utilizing the digital world!

Thu, Jan 28, 2010
If enough people join hands, this will be easy to acheive.

Thu, Jan 28, 2010
Digg-style givving (monthly, via PayPal, small amounts) at http://givv.org/recipients?q=haiti

Ashish Singh
Thu, Jan 28, 2010
Hey Haiti, Stay Strong.

Thu, Jan 28, 2010
On the day of the crisis, we wanted to help immediately. Hence http://www.haitiearthquake.tel was born from a regional initiate. The site has it all "under one roof" and helped people around the world to get the latest information, and donate easily from their phone: sms-to-donate.
http://www.haitiearthquake.tel is the only internet web site that direct donors to their local charity agency for donation and accessible from any pc or mobile.
Our hope is to get the word out, keep people informed and aware of the disaster, add more local initiate to help haiti and donate more to Haiti.
Please help us to keep donation going to Haiti.
Many thanks,

I have no CC
Wed, Jan 27, 2010
Any way to donate using Paypal?

Wed, Jan 27, 2010
I'm been out of work for going on 3 mouths, So It wood be hard for me to give anything at the moment, But I'm giving prayer to everyone who needs it!

Postcard Piggy
Wed, Jan 27, 2010
I think I have said all there is to say at http://free-press-release.com Look up my 10,000 character idea at Postcard Piggy Bank I also have a YouTube site of the same name. The answer is money. Have you ever heard the term "charity begins at home"? That means that people that dont have money for themselves wont give to others so readily. Once money is coming in, savings are piling up, stuffs gettin fixed and bought and mamas happy, we can give some. Take a look and lets hear from the mathematicians, teachers, fund managers, students builders, foodies, slackers and bleeding heart liberals etc. about it. Yes, I Tony, will make a great deal of money eventually with a team of partners splitting their commissions with me, but it could happen to anyone and that is the idea. I've always wanted to give but never really could. I started Peacemeal, a energy generating people gathering idea so that more people could find it easier to give easier. If people arent making any money, these days, they tend to lose interest quite quickly. As Gordon Gecko once said "Greed Works". Worth a look. Learn and share, Tony.

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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